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We understand... you and your dog you and your cat now is the time to register your dog desexing can reduce aggression in dogs that every dog can bite that good owners lead to good dogs

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Every dog can bite - Desexing reduces this risk

Dogs can be scared by sudden disturbances. Scared dogs may bite. Always call the dog first so that you do not surprise it. Do not go near any dog when it is eating its meal or chewing a bone, especially if you do not know the dog. If you approach, the dog may bite to defend its food.

In South Australia last year:

  • 5 people a day were attacked or harassed by a dog

  • 4 dogs or other animals a day were attacked or harassed by a dog

  • 1 person everyday was treated in an emergency department

  • 1 person every two days was hospitalised – mostly children

Desexing reduces the risk of your dog biting.

Good reasons for desexing your dog:

  • Reduced aggression – towards people and other dogs
  • No unwanted litters of puppies
  • Healthier dogs – reduced risk of cancer and other diseases of the reproductive organs
  • Dogs generally live longer, happier lives
  • Less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviours ie leg mounting (humping)
  • Reduces territorial behaviour
  • Reduces the urge to wander
  • Reduces vet bills
  • Discounted dog registration