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We understand... you and your dog you and your cat now is the time to register your dog desexing can reduce aggression in dogs that every dog can bite that good owners lead to good dogs

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Greyhounds make great pets and training is vital in helping them to become good canine citizens.

Section 45C(b) of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 requires Greyhounds to have a muzzle securely fixed on their mouths so as to prevent them from biting any person or animal.

Greyhounds must be held on a leash of not more than 2 metres in length when off the owner's premises. The legislative requirement for physical restraint of the greyhound overrides any local council by-laws permitting dogs to be off leash in designated areas and/or dog parks.

If a Greyhound Muzzle exemption is successful, in accordance with the Policy for Greyhound Muzzle Exemption Approval, persons authorised to have care and control of  approved greyhound are exempt from the requirement to muzzle the greyhound,  on the condition that they carry the identification exemption when in control of the un-muzzled greyhound when off the premises at which the greyhound has been registered.

Should a greyhound be involved in an attack/harassment, the person registered as responsible for the greyhound, is required to notify the appropriate Council and the Dog and Cat Management Board immediately. The exemption will be revoked immediately and the registered owner will be subject to infringement in accordance with the relevant sections of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.