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We understand... you and your dog you and your cat now is the time to register your dog desexing can reduce aggression in dogs that every dog can bite that good owners lead to good dogs

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Living Safely with Pets

Living Safely with Pets is a structured learning program that aims to teach children how to live responsibly and safely with dogs and cats and is delivered free of charge to school children from Reception to Year Three across the state.

The learning activities link with the South Australian curriculum and ensure that children gain an understanding of how to behave safely around dogs, what it means to be a responsible pet owner and the positive role responsibly owned pets play in the community.

This initiative is a major component of the Dog and Cat Management Board’s program to reduce the incidence of dog related injury in the community and aligns with the State strategic priority of creating safe communities and healthy neighbourhoods.


How to lodge an expression of interest for your school.

Click here for the Online Expression of Interest for School Visit.

A page will appear asking for your code.  Your code is P- followed by your school’s phone number eg P-0882174321.( don’t forget the area code) Please do not leave any spaces, and you must include the P-

Once you have entered your code click on the PROCEED button.

Fill in the Expression of Interest form and then click on SUBMIT REQUEST when completed.

Our Regional Consultant will contact you to finalise the booking.